An open question to all residents of Massachusetts:

I’ve had this conversation with multiple people now, and no one seems to know the answer–

What do people from Massachusetts call themselves?  Massachusettsians?  Massachutes?  Massachudles?  Massachusettsites?  Massachusetters?  Massachutans?  Massachusettlers?  None of these words flow easily from the tongue, nor do any of them have any ring of plausibility.

The only answer I’ve heard that had sort of an established feeling and perhaps even a poetic sound to it was “Mass-holes,” which is Not Particularly Polite, and obviously not the official answer, despite its convenient shortness and ease of pronunciation.

 So, what is it?  I’m burning to know.




One thought on “Mass.

  1. Hello “Ebebee” dear,
    I found this and, while I’m not sure if this is what people from MA truly call themselves, I thought I’d pass it along anyway seeing as how we had this conversation during my last visit (since I, too, was curious). According to this website:

    They call themselves “Bay Staters” – if you hear whether or not this is actually true, let me know! ❤


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