tidbits of green growth

I’m a sucker for the floral and houseplant displays at the grocery store, especially this time of year when the trees look like nothing but sticks and my gardens are frozen over.  I mean, I’m excited to think about what the gardens will look like in the spring, as the flowers and herbs and shrubs we started last year become more established, but I’m impatient.  I want to water things and trim things and observe new growth from day to day right now.

Today I was theoretically just shopping for chocolate, but I ended up coming home with two little cactus friends nestled into my purse, too.  The cashier gingerly wrapped each one in a plastic bag before she handed it to me, but I still poked my fingers when I unloaded them.  That’s ok, though.  It just shows that they’ve got spirit!  One has a tidy pattern of little spiky clusters, and the other one has a more unruly hairdo of longer spines.  I put one in my office and one in S’s office to greet her when she gets back from her trip.  I’m actually really excited about them.  They’re just so round and adorable.  And the cats can’t nibble on cactus needles like they do on the leaves of most of our other houseplants.  My lucky bamboo has suffered that terribly unlucky fate repeatedly.  Maybe it brought luck to the cats, though.

And winter progresses.  Time passes.  Our paper-white and our geraniums flowered recently.  We have some crocus bulbs sprouting on the windowsill, but no sign of buds on those yet.  The most exciting thing I saw today was some new-looking leaves poking through the ice in a cement urn outside the train station.

cement urn with ice and scraps of vegetation

flower bulb in a jar of water


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