in case you ever wanted to write a romance novel

I got this book from a box of free books at the Crowley Cheese Shoppe.  (Of all places!)  I CANNOT resist free books.

Your First Romance: Actual Story Ideas to Get You Started in Romance Writing, created by Jerry Biederman and Tom Silberkleit.

I either greatly amused or greatly annoyed S and C by reading quotes from it in the car.  I amused myself, anyway.

My favorite quote:

“The heroine must be likeable and admirable without being perfect.  She should have good feelings toward her fellow man.  She should be someone you wouldn’t mind trading places with for a few hours.  And the hero must be masterful, yet vulnerable and tender.  No matter what his sense of humor, his degree of attractiveness (a recent hero had a black eyepatch, another cried in a scene), he must always be perfection in bed.”

and at the end of that same paragraph, it says, “It also helps, of course, if the hero is wealthy, handsome, and successful.”

Now go write your romance novel.