Yesterday some dude in Rutland stabbed another dude in the Walmart parking lot, in broad daylight.  They were fighting about $40 one guy apparently owed the other guy.  Forty dollars!  Doesn’t seem worth it.  But I guess anger (and possibly drugs) can make you do crazy things, things you wouldn’t do in a calm, rational state-of-mind.  And I would theorize that the one with the knife didn’t mean to actually kill the other guy.  Still, this is like a two minute walk from where I live, and it happened in a place I walk through all the time to get downtown, right by the Amtrak station.  I think, technically, that we live on the “wrong” side of the tracks, although Rutland is a working-class town all over.  And I do like that about it here, that it’s not all touristy and pretentious.  Let’s just say that if some guy says I owe him forty bucks, I’m probably not going to get aggressive back at him, especially if I happen to be in the vicinity of Walmart at the time.  I’m going to run!