Pablo’s train

Here is an annotation from earlier this semester.  I told J that I would post this one sometime, and 3am on a Thursday night is a good time, right?

But first, here is a picture of the Amtrak train in Rutland, getting ready to depart for NY city.  I took this photo one morning while walking to Price Chopper to buy cookie ingredients back when we were baking for the farmer’s market.  I rode on this same train, or one of its brethren (sistren?  are trains female like boats?), when I visited L in Brooklyn.  That was fun!  Also, a much less happy detail: it was right near where I took this picture that the knife-death over $40 happened.  I sort of furtively looked for bloodstains on the pavement when I walked by there yesterday, then felt silly and morbid.  I bet they cleaned up thoroughly anyway.

Amtrak to NY

Now, on to the annotation:

Two Poems by Pablo Neruda   
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