strung up in the snow

strung up in the snow

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So far it has been a perfect winter, with snow that clings to the trees when it falls, snow that sparkles. We have a new back-saving snow shovel, and the use of a driveway to clear with it. We have snowshoes begging to be strapped onto our feet, to help us glide and float and flop through the woods.

Oh how I missed the snow when I was in Georgia!

But really, right now I’m just thinking about being out there on the sidewalk. I took the dog for a tiny walk a little while ago, and there was snow falling. It’s been falling all day, and I clicked a bunch of photos when there was daylight. It’s different at night, though. Only one car went by, and the snow makes everything more silent, and I have a cold right now, so the silence entered the strange pressure I have in my ears and nasal passages and soothed it a little bit. I felt sort of purified, as fresh-snow has a tendency to imply with its whiteness, even though each crystal is formed around a speck of dirt. It’s not late enough in the winter yet for me to start feeling depressed about the lack of color outside. Right now it’s just a sense of calm and beauty, and I’m grateful to have that. Very grateful. Sadness is too eager to jump me.



Weather.  It happens.  We talk about it.  Right now the weather is snow, and I am rather enjoying that.  I always get happy when I see snowflakes falling from the sky, especially when there are a lot of them, even though I know that a snowstorm means danger on the roads for some people, and a lot of work moving snow out of the way for everyone, especially my dad.  But the weather is a community event.  We all experience this snow.  For the past week, everyone around here has been anticipating a big, big storm, and talking about it, fearing it, bracing for it, eager for it.  Basically, I wanted to write this blog just to share one little story about that anticipation.  It’s not even my own story, but I liked it so much I decided to pass it on anyway.  So, yesterday, S went to the library.  There was a longer line there than usual, she said, and everyone seemed to have armloads of books and movies.  According to the librarian, this happens all the time when bad weather is predicted.  Some people go to the grocery store when a storm is coming, she said, and some people go to the library.

That makes me happy.


fading sunflowerI was gardening the other day, getting ready for winter.  In the front garden there was a big sunflower plant that was already growing there when we moved in.  It had lots of happy flowers all summer, but the leaves had been looking kinda yellow and moldy for a while, since it started getting colder, so I decided it was time to cut it down and bring it to the brush pile.  I thought that I would sprinkle a few seeds out of the dried up flower heads onto the garden in hopes of getting more sunflower plants next summer.  But all the flowers were gone.  Because the squirrels took them.  I know because I saw a squirrel in the back yard eating something strange and pale and I had to watch him/her for a while before I figured out that it was a sunflower head.  Maybe they dropped a few seeds, though, and we’ll still get a new plant.  Or we could always buy some seeds in the spring.  I don’t mind feeding the squirrels, but I hope they don’t eat all my bulbs, too, because I want daffodils and tulips in the spring when I’m all desperate for flowers.