Eisenia fetida

worm!I post this brilliant mspaint artwork of mine in honor of the fact that our worms arrived today in a cardboard box.  We set up their plastic bin (which came yesterday) and filled it with shredded paper and coconut fiber and dried leaves from outside and bits of celery that went floppy in the refrigerator, etc.  Then we opened the bag they were shipped in and spread the worms over the bedding.  The poor things had clustered into a giant slimy worm ball, which they apparently do when stressed, and they don’t like light, so I didn’t want to take a photo of them.  But they should be settling in now, burrowing down towards the bits of celery.  If all goes well, we’ll soon have a happy colony of wormy goodness to eat our shredded documents and our food scraps, and to contribute to the growth of our plants.  I’m so excited!

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I really want some worms for my birthday

sad parsnips 

I hate having to throw vegetables away, like these poor parsnips, just because we don’t have anywhere to compost them.  It feels really wrong to be putting biodegradable stuff into the trash can in plastic bags, which will then go to the town dump, where we drop them into a big metal bin with everyone else’s plastic bags, and then I don’t even know where they go from there.  Most likely to a landfill, where I know this stuff will just sit in a huge pile with all the other waste, not given the opportunity to return gently to earth like it’s supposed to.  Continue reading