It’s been…um…months since I posted. Woops.

I have not been keeping this blog up to date!  You may have noticed.

Anyway, here’s an annotation I wrote a little while ago about Lisa Jarnot’s book Ring of Fire.  I liked this book enough that I’m planning to buy a copy when the opportunity arises.  Right now I just have it from the school library.

(essay after the jump)

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Book: May Sarton’s collection of poetry A Grain of Mustard Seed. I mentioned this poem, the Invocation to Kali, before, back when I first bought the book. Well, I liked it so much that I ended up writing a whole annotation on it. And my enthusiasm seems to have come through in the essay, because my advisor responded by saying that she didn’t think she liked May Sarton, but now she wanted to get a copy of this book and read it for herself.

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The California Poem (and The Vermont Poem?)

covered bridge

I’ve put this photo I took of a covered bridge here because I’m posting (after the jump) an annotation I wrote about Eleni Sikelianos’s book, The California Poem, and since I’ve never been to California, I did some thinking about what her book would be like translated into Vermont language. Vermont is my home state. And Vermont is very proud of its covered bridges.

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How to playfully engage in conversation with a stereotype

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been travelling and I’m on a break from school at the moment, but I have this one last annotation that I wrote for this past semester that I hadn’t posted yet, so here it is!  It’s on Carol Guess’s book The Femme’s Dictionary.  This book, according to my advisor, was supposed to be my “candy” at the end of the semester, something fun and refreshing after all the hard work, my dessert.  It was good, but it wasn’t my favorite thing of the semester.  Anne Carson has to take that place!

Of course, I have lots of other thoughts on writing and gardening and life, etc., and I do want to get back to posting more regularly.  But for now, here’s Carol Guess:

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I will someday be an old woman

strange carrot

This photo is of an oddly-shaped carrot that I bought at the farmer’s market.  Not only was it interesting to look at, it was also very crisp and tasty!  But I’m not posting it here right now because of its flavor.  I decided to use this photo for this blog post because a lot of people told me the carrot looks like a hand.  A witch hand, perhaps.  And the following annotation on a poem by Rilke is also somewhat focused on strange hands.

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